R E Martin Plumbing, Inc

R  E  Martin  Plumbing , Inc.  was  founded  by  Robert E. Martin III,  in  2007.  As  a way  to  generate  and  manage the company,  the principal  partners  found it necessary that in order to  create a close and  mutually long-term relationship was to build key procedures beneficial to its customers by:
  • Creating a position of inventory coordinator, and at least one expediter assigned to each project for the beneficiary factor of the customer.
  • Having a dedicated project manager for each project who can handle and maintain issues.
The  company  offers  top-quality  Commercial , Light Industrial,  and New  and Remodel  Home Plumbing services.
R E Martin Plumbing, Inc. seeks  to  supply  services in  the  timeliest  manner and  with  an ongoing  comprehensive  quality  control  program  to provide  100  percent  customer  satisfaction.
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