R E Martin Plumbing, Inc

 Robert E. Martin III,  is  a  qualified  State  Certified  Plumbing  Contractor,  with  superior  plumbing skills.  He demonstrates  the  capability  to  perform  all  aspects of  commercial  and  residential plumbing. Sustaining a solid industry  reputation for quality  installs, he is known for his superiority of design build type plumbing jobs for both old and new plumbing methods and principals.

He has 4 years of experience at the Associated  Builders and  Contractors  Apprenticeship Program, and graduated at the top of his class. Also, having 6 years of backflow certification.  In 2002, he placed second in the State  of  Florida  ABC  State  Craft  Skills  Competition.  Next to  all  his  success,  he has been the lead plumber on several large commercial jobs involving schools, retail, Industrial, Theme Park, and Hospitals.

is technical skills are in all piping  products including  PVC,  Copper,  Cast Iron,  Steel,  Galvanized, Chemical resistant pipe,  Glass Pipe,  Etc.  As well as,  in methods joining materials like  Glue,  Push Joint, Soldering,  Pro  Press , Brazing,  No  Hub,  Groove , Thread,  Mega  Lug.  Fuse  Seal,  Lead  and  Oakum.

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